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Conservative Pundit Robby Starbuck Shows New Proof of How Laughable Biden’s So-Called “Win” Truly is…


Conservative Pundit Robby Starbuck Shows New Proof of How Laughable Biden’s So-Called “Win” Truly is…


The fact that anyone under the sun is actually trying to say Joe Biden legitimately won, with a straight face, is laughable.

These Deep State cronies expect us to believe that an old, shaky establishment stoolie, who’s spent his life killing the middle-class, and who can’t string a sentence together, won more votes than any other presidential candidate in this history of our country?

It’s a joke and everyone knows it, even if they refuse to admit it.

But these new numbers that conservative pundit Robby Starbuck just shared really solidify the laugh-out-loud notion that Biden was the “winner.”

Here’s what he said: “Votes for Trump in 2016: 62,985,106 Votes for Trump in 2020: 73,817,684 So @realDonaldTrump
got 10,832,578 more votes, the 2nd largest increase in votes for an incumbent President EVER + increased support from Black, Latino & Asian voters yet Dems want us to believe he lost?”


“No incumbent president in history has increased their vote by that number and lost re-election but the Dems say there’s nothing to see here, move along, this was all fair & square and now they’re fighting recounts and full audits. All of this makes sense under one premise: Fraud.”

Robby is right, this is fraud.

And my theory is that Dems never meant for it to get this out of control and turn Biden into the “greatest living politician of all time.” They didn’t anticipate the massive Red Wave that happened, and that’s why so many of these key cities suddenly stopped counting and started manufacturing bushels of “Ballots for Biden.”

You will never convince any sane person that Biden “won” anything…that’s why it’s so vital that President Trump is successful in his legal efforts.

He is the legitimate winner of the 2020 election – period and end of story.

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