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Lil Pump Shows Off His Joe Biden Toilet Paper In Instagram Video


Lil Pump Shows Off His Joe Biden Toilet Paper In Instagram Video


Lil Pump doesn’t seem to be handling Joe Biden’s election victory very well.

The star rapper became a very vocal supporter of President Donald Trump during the election, and he’s not pleased that Biden is now the president-elect.


In a video posted to his Instagram story, Pump showed off some Joe Biden toilet paper. He told his millions of fans he was going to “wake up every morning and wipe my a** with this toilet paper.”

You can watch the video below.


Well, I’m glad to see that Lil Pump has a very rational and calm reaction to Joe Biden becoming the 46th President of the United States.

He seems to be handling this situation as an adult capable of thinking through his decisions.

Seriously, just relax a little bit. Trump lost, Joe Biden won the election, that’s the system we have here in America and it’s time to accept that like an adult.

Was Lil Pump entertaining as all hell during the campaign? Without a doubt. Lil Pump became an even bigger social media star with his support for Donald Trump, but the party is over.

It’s time to turn off the music and handle the loss like an adult.


Having said that, I definitely didn’t see Lil Pump becoming a conservative star in 2020 happening. Welcome to 2020!


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