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Michigan Election Board Votes To Make Major Move


Michigan Election Board Votes To Make Major Move


Michigan’s State Board of Canvassers voted Monday afternoon to certify the state’s election results.

The final vote was 3-0-1, with Republican Vice Chair Aaron Van Langevelde joining the board’s two Democrats. Republican Norman Shinkle was opposed to certifying Michigan’s results but ultimately abstained.

Though there was initial uncertainty over whether the board would vote to confirm the state’s election results, Van Langevelde said early in the board’s meeting that they had a “duty” to certify the results today, though he asked to hear the hundreds of public comments before voting to do so.

“I think we are pretty limited today. I think we have a duty to do this,” he said.

Monday is Michigan’s legal deadline to certify its results, which show presumptive president-elect Joe Biden beating President Donald Trump by over 154,000 votes.

The state has been the center of multiple controversies in the weeks after the Nov. 3 election.

Two GOP members on Wayne County’s Board of Elections changed their votes to certify the county’s results after they were met with public outcry but then sought to reverse their votes after they said that they were duped into changing them.

The two members said they were promised an audit of the county’s results, but the secretary of state did not grant one, and state law requires that the results be certified before an audit takes place.

Trump’s legal team has also alleged fraud in the state, focusing on results in Detroit, though irregularities were greater in other towns in the metro area.

The team also hit a snag after it used data from Minnesota to say that more people voted in Michigan than are actually registered to vote in the state.

Jonathon Brater, the director of Michigan’s Bureau of Elections, said that there were no widespread irregularities or fraud surrounding the state’s results.

Chris Thomas, who held the position before Brater, testified during the board’s meeting as well, telling them that their role was merely to sign off on the results.

“You are the end game,” Thomas said. “You’ve got winners, you’ve got losers, you don’t have ties. Not everyone gets a trophy.”

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