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“There was a lot of money that went down when the Dominion voting system was purchased by the state of Georgia in 2019…Follow the money!”


“There was a lot of money that went down when the Dominion voting system was purchased by the state of Georgia in 2019…Follow the money!”


On November 20, 2020, Lin Wood joined syndicated radio host John Fredericks where he discussed the state of the election in his home state of GA. Wood began the interview by telling Fredericks, “Something is rotten in Georgia!”

Here is a transcript of some of the bold accusations made by Lin Wood against Republican Governor Brian Kemp and Republican Secretary of State Brian Raffensperger (courtesy of Kraken-Expectant Edward J):

“The lawsuit filed was against the Secretary of State and other appropriate defendants. And it stems out of a March 2020 consent settlement that the Secretary of State entered into in litigation with the Democratic Party. But that consent agreement made substantive changes in the absentee voting rules. You can’t do that. Only the state legislature is permitted to make a change in a Federal election. That’s been strongly suggested and will be upheld eventually, by Justice Alito in Pennsylvania… So they changed the rules under the guise of COVID to try to increase the ability of people to vote by mail. And, as a result, you’ve got fraud of a massive amount through the mail votes. And you’ve also got fraud in your computer voting machines. It’s not the first time they’ve done this.”

“What happened this time is Trump won by such a large margin, that they had to go out and get these mail votes in the middle of the night to try to carry some of the key states. But in Georgia, the election is void and unlawful. It’s going to work through the court system unless the state legislators take action in advance of the courts. Because the election is void, there’s going to have to be a new election [for all but POTUS]. They can’t do it [have a new election] for the President. They’re gonna have to [rectify the POTUS vote] through the Electoral College. But every down-ballot contest is going to have to be redone. There is not gonna be a runoff. There’s gonna have to be a new election.”

“The governor of the state of Georgia is corrupt… Raffensperger’s corrupt. You can always follow the money. And there’s a lot of money that went down when the Dominion voting system was purchased by the state of Georgia in 2019.”

“Follow the money. There was also a lot of money that went down when Governor Kemp bought COVID supplies, masks, gowns, and COVID test kits from China. Follow the money.”

“There is also an interesting money trail before he [Gov. Kemp] appointed Kelly Loeffler as senator and after her appointment. Follow the money.”

“The governor of the state of Georgia is corrupt. He’s compromised by China money. And that’s why you don’t hear him out there fighting for the people of this state right now who are going to be outraged, and they already are, because they know that Trump won this state by a landslide. He won the country by a landslide, may have won all 50 states. And they’re trying to steal our government because they’re gonna change our government… This is their effort to overthrow our government.”

“They had they had algorithms planned in for what they thought they would need in terms of the votes those were baked in, and the computer voting system.” The system actually works in any voting machine, because it’s a software that affects the vote tallies, all of which run through a company called Scytl. And then Clarity, who reports them.”

“They bake that in in the computers, and then they have their failsafe mechanism in the mail-in votes. I know people have written to me from all over the state where they got 3, 4, 5 paper ballots.”

“We’re gonna obviously move for an expedited review at the trial court level, in the Northern District of Georgia. I believe that the court will rule correctly because the law is blackletter clear. Only the state legislature can change the rules. Now, I’m sure they’ll try to appeal that. Or if we lose it, we’ll appeal it. The 11th Circuit will say, “You can’t do it.” If necessary, the Supreme Court will say, “You can’t do it. It’s got to be done by the legislature.” So the GA election is going to be thrown out.”

“Doug Collins won well over 50%. You’re not going to need a runoff after this where you get a legitimate election in the state.”

“[Donald Trump] won probably 70% of the vote nationally. And as I said, I think he probably won, if not all, 50, almost all 50 states.”

“I think that the court will hear from us and on an expedited basis, and we could have a ruling within a matter of days.”

Here is the audio of the interview:

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