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Wow, Fox’s numbers have CRATERED, internal Fox document reveals. Guess why?


Wow, Fox’s numbers have CRATERED, internal Fox document reveals. Guess why?


Fox called Arizona extremely early, and Florida ridiculously late. They joined CNN in declaring Biden the winner and the election over, despite pending legal challenges and widespread questions about voter fraud and the integrity of the vote.

They even cut off Kayleigh McEnany in the same way that Twitter censors the President: by claiming we need to be protected from “unfounded” statements.

The list of other acts like this from Fox is pretty long, now. And it seems like they’re paying for it. BIG TIME.

Last Friday’s ratings for the supposedly “conservative” outlet were less than both CNN and MSNBC for the first time in years, according to an internal Fox document containing viewership analytics.

The numbers show that on November 6th, Fox pulled 2,266,000 viewers while CNN saw nearly twice as many at 4,009,000 viewers. Similarly, MSNBC, per Fox’s internal numbers, counted 2,983,000 viewers, beating Fox by over 700,000 viewers.

National Pulse obtained this data:

And a lot more.

Ace of Spades says:

This time, Fox News made the startlingly early call that the Democrats would keep the House — and gain at least five seats!

They’re sticking by that call. Even though there is some doubt the Democrats will keep the House. Certainly they’re not gaining any seats.

But they’re on Team Democrat.

Have been for years.

Guess they didn’t learn too much from the fall of Drudge. Oh well, time to go watch Newsmax for me.

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